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We offer solutions produced by seasoned professionals in the eCommerce industry, combining years of experience in the field with the latest in AI technology.

Powered by leading providers

Automate the Boring Parts of Business

Our platform seamlessly integrates into your workflow and adapts to your unique challenges, providing solutions backed by proven effectiveness and delivering real results.

Everything in Etals is powered by AI agents, fully customizable by you and your team. Powered by various models and connected to your systems. Instantly switch between the best providers in the world. OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and more.

Achieve unprecedented Scale with Produce

Produce is our leading solution for copywriting, translations and product enrichment.

One click. Produce content for any language

Produce allows you to craft and translate texts, using any language. Ship unique content that are relevant for each market. 

Instruct your agents to follow specific directions tailored to different brands, markets, languages, and contexts. Ensure every detail aligns with your needs.

Expand your brands into new markets in days instead of months.

Automate your keyword strategy

Crafted together with SEO agencies, we conduct keyword research using Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, and other top services. We track which URLs rank for each keyword, ensuring each page has a unique keyword strategy that doesn’t overlap with others. This applies to e-commerce product pages, category pages, blogs, and any other content types. We optimize each page based on data and combine this with automated copywriting and translations to accelerate brand growth.

Process all your items instantly

Produce can tag any object with any attributes based on context and understanding about your business. Whether it’s tagging e-commerce products with relevant attributes based on images and product information or classifying content, the possibilities are endless and streamlined. Eliminate all those tedious manual tasks and let your staff focus on more important work.

Integrated into your environment

Etals is designed to seamlessly communicate with your systems, eliminating the need for human intervention to sync and transfer data between systems. Our user-friendly interface, complete with correction and control features, ensures that the data you handle is accurate and flawless.

Your search is only as good as the data it has access to

Our search engine stands out by combining our Produce platform to automatically enrich and structure your data. Making highly relevant search attributes. Paired with a fast, high-performance search engine, it boosts your conversion rate while being cost effective.

Consulting & advisory

Are you facing a unique challenge that requires a solution? Do you envision a way in which your organization could harness the power of artificial intelligence? With our extensive toolkit and expertise, we're equipped to bring your ideas to life. Contact us and let us assist you in achieving your goals

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What exactly is an agent?

An agent is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that can carry out tasks, analyze information, and create content. We use these AI agents in all our solutions. Agents are powered by models provided by leading AI research labs, including OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic. We build infrastructure that allows us to easily switch between the best providers in the world.

How do you utilize these agents?

We have built a platform that solves various problems within the ecommerce sector, this platform seamlessly integrates with your organization's existing systems. We use traditional code to take things as far as possible, and use AI agents to take it the rest of the way. We connect the platform to the relevant systems in your organization, so that we can read and update data. Once you are onboarded to our platform, you will have access to all our solutions, as well as the agents that power them.

What value can I expect from Etals?

Increased producitivty, decreased operational costs, and higher conversion rate. We will eliminate your monotonous, repetitive tasks and leverage artificial intelligence to deliver superior solutions to your customers.